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Rajasthan Holidays - The mystical and magical land of Rajasthan, is renowned for its rich culture and heritage and is a perfect destination to spend ones holidays. Get indepth information about Rajasthan holidays and other holidays destinations in Rajasthan.
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Plan Your Rajasthan Holidays


The colourful Rajasthan
Think of the ultimate destination-every third foreign tourist to India visits this not-to-be-missed location. Yes, we are talking of Rajasthan, the desert jewel. Indeed, the State has so much going for it that it's difficult to decide where to start. The very images that Rajasthan conjures up are steeped in romance and beauty. The images of magnificent forts and palaces, golden deserts, colorful and smiling faces, vibrant dances and music, and the royalty of another king - the tiger.

The formation of Rajasthan took place as a result of the amalgamation of nineteen states in the year of India's independence, 1947. Though its history can be traced way back into the 4,000 B.C. the North West areas of Rajasthan reveal the traces of the Indus Valley Civilization. Places like Mount Abu, Pushkar and Osian confirm the wide acceptance of the practiced religion like Jainism. The people of Rajasthan followed the religion greatly because of the anti Brahmincal teaching. The various rulers of Rajasthan supported the preaching and practice of the religion

Culture and Heritage
The terrain and the culture of the land restrain the entire life cycle of a baby in born in Rajasthan. The simplicity and the cheerfulness of the people of Rajasthan are admired as much as the pace of life and ways of living there. The religion and rituals form the basis of life of the dwellers of Rajasthan. Each occasion is celebrated with fun and frolic in the fantastic land of Rajasthan. The women in lively costumes and following all the customs always look brilliant in the sparkling gold and silver zari, gota and matching jewelry. The prominent moustaches, colored turbans and the ear studs of the men in Rajasthan do make them look unique.

Music and Dance
The people of Rajasthan have their own ways to celebrate the evening are the long day of hard work in the sun. The much-needed entertainment is provided by the folk music and dance. The females participate equally in these refreshing activities. The performers who have inherited the talent perform the soul stirring music of Rajasthan for the people. Both music as well as dance is respected as skills by the dwellers of the desert. The people of Rajasthan play instruments like the sarangi, ghungroos and ektara to bring soothing music to life to the audiences.

Hindi is the official language of the state. But the principal language is "Rajasthani", and the four major dialects are Marwari in the west, Jaipuri in the east, Malwi in the southeast and Mewati in the northeast. But Hindi language is replacing Rajasthani. Moreover, you will find English speaking people in all the major cities, and in remote villages also you will find someone who can speak and understand English. But other languages are completely unknown.

Cultural Symbol - Kalbelia Dance (Snake Charmer)
The dance of the Kalbelia women is vigorous and graceful. The accompanying music rises in tempo as the dance progresses, ending with the performer dancing on glowing embers, which is a breathtaking and deeply impressive sight. Vibrant colours, music and festivities make the golden sands come alive. It is rightly said that Rajasthan is the only place where the mood and rhythm is so overpowering that it impresses even the most seasoned traveller.

At every halt your evening is planned with cultural programmes be it Ghoomar, Panihari, Gorbandh, Ghair, Kaalebelia , Chung, Agnl Nritya or puppet shows. You will surely be enchanted by the famous folk songs Moomal, Baramasa and Gorbandh.

Cusines of Rajasthan
'The land of Princes', as Rajasthan is called boasts of many a fine kitchen - both within the palaces and outside. Princely kitchens have produced many an incomparable and exotic delicacy of shikar meat. The smoked Rajasthani kebab - sule - is bare-be-cued in about a dozen different ways. At the other extreme is Maheshwari Cuisine or the vegetarian cuisine of the Maheshwars of the Marwar or the Jodhpur area.

Rajasthan forts and palaces
Beautiful forts and palaces of Rajasthan are the most treasured heritage of this great state. The heirs of the royals of Rajasthan brought with them not only the blue blood but these great architectural wonders. After a long period of sheer neglect and decay many of these structures have regained their glory. Aptly named Heritage Hotels, these bastions of old kingdoms are today the most sought after accommodation facilities in Rajasthan.

Stay in any one of these grand hotels and experience what a life of the royal was.

Travel Destinstions of Rajasthan

For a region, which has in its kitty popular tourist destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Bharatpur, and Ranthambore, one need not give any introduction for travel destinations. It could be easily proclaimed that the Rajasthan is a traveler's paradise and especially for the travelers who love and appreciate heritage. Not only sightseeing but also all elements of the Rajasthani society is so adorable.

Starting from its people and their colorful cloths and festivals to sand dunes of the Great Thar Desert - Rajasthan is a place not to be missed. Staying in Rajasthan is as much a pleasure as traveling. Palatial heritage structures serving as the Heritage Hotels makes all the difference between ordinary and extraordinary and Rajasthan has them all. Travel to Rajasthan and appreciate the beauty resulting from the gifts of the god and hard work and appreciative nature of human race.

Ever wished to be a prince or a princess? Realize it with a holiday at the capital city of royal Rajasthan- Jaipur. Reach your holiday destination onboard the Palace on Wheels or the Royal Orient with unparalleled style and comfort. Arrive at the first planned city of India that boasts of long association with hospitality and holidays. Feel on top of the world with a stay at the heritage hotels. Enjoy the uniqueness of India with the golden glowing sand, the festive spirit in the air and, the colorful people.

Take a refreshing break with a holiday at one of the oasis of the Indian desert. A holiday at Udaipur is as rejuvenating as its takes. The fairy tale view of the mirror-calm lakes of the island palaces are fantastic. You will be spell bound spectacular structures in the city of Maharana Udai Singh. The city palace overlooking the Lake Pichola with its courtyards, pavilions, terraces, corridors and hanging gardens is worth more than a visit.

The story of Chittorgarh is a saga of valor, tenacity and sacrifice. Chittorgarh (also Chittaurgarh) was sacked three times and its defenders had to make the supreme sacrifice. The Fort of Chittorgarh is a treasure trove of history and offers to the traveler an insight into the life of the Great Rajput rulers, who laid down their lives fighting a superior enemy instead of leading a life of submission under them.

Tales are told here of princess Padmini who was known for her chivalry and beauty. A ruined citadel, where the royal past lives in its imposing forts and majestic palaces.

Mount Abu
The little pamphlet gushes that Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan, offers you the best of all possible worlds, with more scenic beauty, more architecture and archaeology in the form of the famous Dilwara caves, the chief center for the Brahmakumaris and a generous peppering of temples which shows that the place is exceptionally favored by the gods. Abu has been an important place of penance for the sages. Conjure up the lushness of Mount Abu, which all tourist guides announce is 'the paradise of Rajasthan'.

This desert city of Rajasthan (India's north-western province) is an eye-catching site of well-fed camels and citadels. Being near to Delhi, it had to withstand the worst of Mughal invasions during earlier times. The exotic camel safaris, its gorgeous forts and the worship of thousands of holy rats at Mata Kali temple are some of the most interesting aspects of Bikaner. The camel festival held in the month of January is also an event worth witnessing if one wants to get the actual color of the place.

Jaisalmer stands tall in the desolate beauty of the desert, proudly welcoming visitors to an enchanting world of fable, color, and history. The view of Jaisalmer Fort, first seen from a distance of 15 km is stunning. In the early morning the ramparts, bastions and the long stretching walls dazzle gloriously. The yellow sandstone fortifications look magnificent.

If Rajasthan is synonymous with forts and palaces, it is also synonymous with fairs and festivals. Few things can match the effervescence, vigor and brightness of traditional fair like the world famous Pushkar. The picturesque lake of Pushkar is surrounded by hills on three sides and sand dunes on the fourth-a perfect site for the annual religious and cattle fair, held in the month of October-November. Pushkar is a sacred place for Hindus and has a staggering 400 temples, of which the most important is dedicated to Lord Brahma.

The Sariska Tiger Reserve is a rare mingling of natural history and the historical past. This dry, deciduous Reserve located in the undulating plateaus and wide valleys of the Aravali hills, is home to the 10th century Neeklanth temple, medieval Kankwari fort and rims of 32 Hindu temples of the 6th to 13th century which are of archaeological importance. An eighteen feet high, mutilated Jain idol stands prominently among the ruins.

Rising majestically over the rocky and rugged terrain is one of Rajasthan's finest forts-the Mehrangarh Fort. It looks down protectively over the fascinating city of Jodhpur. Famous for its magnificent forts and palaces, Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan and a major tourist attraction in the country. The city is situated at the edge of the Thar Desert with Jaisalmer on its west, Barmar, Jalor and Pali on its south, Bikaner on its north, and Nagaur on the eastern side.

These destinations to the Rajasthan is for sure full of fun and frolic and cherish the princely and priceless memories for the rest of your lives!

Rural Ossian Havelis Amber Fort Desert Park
Rural Rajasthan Ossian Havelis Amber Fort Desert Park
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Jaipur Camel Safari Lake Palace Ranthambore Jaisalmer